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Settlement of claim for abuse at Methodist boarding school

A man has settled a claim against Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST) following sexual abuse he experienced at its boarding school in Devon.

Posted on 13 November 2020

The client, who we have called Scott, was a pupil at Shebbear College in Beaworthy, Devon in the 1970s and 80s.
While there, Scott was sexually abused by Anthony Bennett who is currently serving a 19-year prison sentence following his conviction for serious sexual offences against a number of former pupils of the same school.
Scott’s claim, which was brought following Bennett’s criminal conviction, was settled for a sum of £67,500 compensation, reflecting the severity of the abuse and the ongoing consequences it has had for him.
Scott is represented by Leigh Day partner Alison Millar.
Scott said:
“I must thank Leigh Day for helping me through this and drawing a line under this very traumatic experience.  Many thanks to Alison and Denise for handling this in a very professional and kind manner.”
Alison Millar said:
“My client’s experience of boarding school was overshadowed by the abuse he experienced there; sadly, it is that abuse and not the good times he had or the friendships he made that he remembers most.
“I am glad that MIST has acknowledged its responsibility to Scott with this settlement and has also provided him with an individual apology, recognising that no child should ever have to suffer abuse at school.”