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LG OLED televisions recalled in fire safety scare

More than 70,000 OLED television models have been recalled by manufacturer LG in response to a fire safety scare.

Posted on 07 October 2020

In the UK, Electrical Safety First report that the televisions have a flaw in the power board element and the dangers being overheating, burns, and smoke inhalation.
The risks were first reported at the end of July and involved 60,000 televisions made up of 19 different models, that were sold in South Korea only, between February 2016 and September, 2019.
It has been reported, in the last 24 hours, that that the recall has been expanded to Europe and involves a total of a further 9,435 televisions. Only 65” models are affected.
The affected models in the expanded recall can be found on the Electrical Safety First website.
Tom Jervis, partner in the Leigh Day product safety and consumer law team, said:
“Consumers need to be assured that electronic products they purchase, particularly from reputable suppliers such as LG, are absolutely safe to use and do not come with a fire safety risk.
“Leigh Day has a leading Product Safety and Consumer Law Team who assist the victims of product failures including fires caused by defective products. If you would like to speak to an expert contact the FireTeam@leighday.co.uk.”

Thomas Jervis
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