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Bad weather cruise ship

'High risk' decision by cruise ship being investigated by Norway

Norwegian officials open an investigation into a cruise ship mayday incident.

Posted on 25 March 2019

An investigation has been opened by Norwegian officials into why a cruise ship set sail despite weather warnings.
A cruise ship carrying over 1,300 people, including 200 Britons, is being investigated after high winds and stormy seas led to the ship sending a mayday call after losing engine power.
On the afternoon of Saturday March 23, just north of Molde, the Viking Sky had engine trouble. A mayday call was sent out as the ship began to drift towards the rocky coast. 
Five rescue helicopter began to airlift some 479 passengers on Saturday night until Sunday morning from the 745ft vessel which was finished in 2017.
The Viking Sky ship is now docked in the port city of Molde, which it managed to reach using its own engine power. It is currently unknown how long the ship will be docked there.
It has been confirmed that there were still some 436 guests and 458 members of crew on board as the ship did manage to dock in Molde following the overnight airlift evacuations.
A number of shipwrecks have happened in the area in recent years.
Investigators have travelled to Molde on Monday 25 March to determine why the Viking Ship sailed despite the weather warning. 
The ship was scheduled to arrive at Tilbury port in Britain on 26 March after a 12-day sail along the Norwegian coast. 

Travel lawyer Clare Campbell from law firm Leigh Day who acts on behalf of holidaymakers affected by injury, said:

“‘I’m relieved that the cruise ship Viking Sky has arrived back in port with all passengers and crew reported as ‘safe’.  
“The relevant authorities must now commence an immediate investigation into the circumstances leading up to the ship’s engine loss and the subsequent evacuation. 
“If there are any lessons to be learnt then they need to be identified as soon as possible to ensure the ongoing safety of cruise ship passengers and crew. 
“Passengers whose holiday has been ruined and those who may have suffered an injury may be entitled to compensation under relevant legislation specific to cruise holidays. Any legal action would be taken against the travel company or carrier responsible for the holiday bookings.”