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Asbestos warning

​Family of Leeds man appeals for information following his asbestos cancer death

The family of a Leeds man who died aged 71 from asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, are asking his old workmates to help solve the mystery of where he was exposed to the deadly dust.

Posted on 25 February 2019

Clyde Smith was born and raised in Leeds and worked for a number of companies in and around Leeds from 1965/66 to 1998 when he moved to London. He initially started working for A Moon & Sons Ltd when he left school, at Moorfield Mill, owned by William Murgatroyd and remained there until 1966/67 before moving to work for James Ives & Co Ltd, Petco Appliances, Thornton Road Manufacturing Ltd, Springhead Mill Ltd, Petrofina (UK) Ltd, Austin Hayes Ltd (as a paintblaster), Creative Cards Ltd (as a driver), Apperley Cards Ltd (as a Manager) and Sableton Ltd (as a painter & decorator).  
Clyde’s daughter, Sam Hallas, 48 from Guiseley, said, “Dad’s symptoms started in October last year but he thought it was just a chest infection. When his GP referred him to hospital, an x-ray revealed fluid on the lung and then we received the devastating news it was mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. His decline was rapid and he sadly died just three months later on December 17th, seven days after his 71st birthday.”
She continued, “Dad’s partner Angela has been terribly affected by his death as have all his friends and family. We know he must have been exposed to asbestos but we don’t know where and how. That is why we are asking people who worked for the same firms as Dad and may have known him, to contact our solicitors at Leigh Day with any information as to how he came in to contact with asbestos.”
Helen Ashton, a specialist in asbestos disease cases at Leigh Day, says “I would be grateful for any information which might help us form a picture as to how Clyde Smith’s exposure to asbestos took place. Mesothelioma is a vicious disease and if as we suspect, his contact with the material was due to the negligence of his employers, his family deserve to know.”
All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you have any information that might assist in the first instance please telephone 0161 393 3544 and ask to speak to Helen Ashton or alternatively email hashton@leighday.co.uk