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Family disappointed by CPS decision on Croydon tram crash

The family of Donald Collett, who died in the Croydon tram crash, have expressed dismay at yesterday's CPS decision that no criminal charges will be bought against the driver or Transport for London (TfL) or the operator, Tram Operations Ltd.

Posted on 01 November 2019

Sally Moore, partner and head of the personal injury team, and Laura Murphy, associate solicitor, at Leigh Day represent one of the families of the fatally injured and others injured in the crash. 
After waiting for almost three years and hoping that the criminal law would require those responsible to account for their actions the Collett family feel utterly let down by the system.
The CPS have confirmed that the driver of the tram will not face prosecution. They have set out that although the most likely explanation for the cause of the crash, in which seven people were killed and over 50 people injured, was the driver falling into a “microsleep” there is no evidence that this amounted to gross negligence and instead was an unintended and involuntary act. 
Tracy Angelo, Donald’s daughter, said: 

“As a family we are disgusted by this decision. We have waited patiently for almost three years for the authorities to complete their investigation only to be told that no person or body will be face criminal charges to account for their actions. There were so so many lives impacted that day and we find that very hard to understand. We feel that the CPS have let down every commuter and user of public transport in the country with this decision.”
Sally Moore said: 

“Almost to the day of the third anniversary of the crash this news has come as a blow to our clients who had hoped the criminal justice system would offer some answers. It is hoped that the further investigation by the Office of Road and Rail and the inquest into the seven people who were killed will provide some of the answers our clients and other families need and that lessons are learned for the future”.