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Asbestos claim settles against British Uralite asbestos factory in Kent

An 86 year old woman has successfully settled her asbestos exposure compensation claim

Posted on 08 February 2019

An 86 year old woman, Mrs Weobley, has settled her mesothelioma compensation claim years after being exposed to asbestos during the course of her employment with British Uralite whilst making items such as chimney pots and drain pipes from asbestos sheets.

Mrs Weobley instructed specialist mesothelioma claims lawyer Harminder Bains to represent her against British Uralite. 

Mrs Weobley worked at the factory in Highham, Gravesend, from the age of 16 until 20.  It was a big factory where men would saw big sheets of asbestos, and lay them on benches for her and other women to cut out patterns.  Her hands and forearms were covered in asbestos.  

Shortly after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, Mrs Weobley contacted Marika Townsend of the London Asbestos Support Group (LASAG) who recommended that she contact a specialist asbestos lawyer. Mrs Weobly contacted Harminder and asked her to investigate her case.

Harminder settled her case successfully for a substantial sum within a few months of instruction.  

Mrs Weobley’s daughter said:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, care and hard work.”

Asbestos lawyer at Leigh Day Harminder Bains said 

“Even though it was many years since Mrs Weobley had been exposed to asbestos in her workplace we were able to conclude her claim successfully, and I am delighted that she has received a significant amount of compensation for her injuries.”