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Data Security

Leading Data Protection Lawyer says Under Armour could face UK legal action

A leading data protection lawyer has estimated that the loss of personal data of 150 million MyFitnessPal app users following a data breach could result in a large number of UK compensation claims.

Posted on 30 March 2018

Under Armour, the sportswear company that owns the MyFitnessPal app software, have today reported that usernames, email addresses and passwords of affected customers were accessed in a data breach by an unknown hacker that occurred in late February 2018 but was only discovered on 25th March 2018.

The company is also now contacting affected users directly by email to inform them that they have been affected by the breach recommending that they now take a number to protect their account.

Sean Humber a data protection specialist from the law firm Leigh Day, stated: “We have already been contacted by affected MyFitnessPal app users concerned at the consequences of the breach and are investigating the matter on their behalf.

“Under Armour clearly have many questions to answer with regard to the circumstances that allowed MyFitnessPal app users’ personal information to be hacked in the first place and why it seems to have taken a month for the breach to be discovered.

“It is clearly important that everything is done to try and identify the hacker and establish what has become of the hacked information as well as to investigate whether there is any evidence that affected customers have been targeted or otherwise affected as a result of the data breach.

“In legal terms those affected may have claims for compensation for the distress caused and any losses suffered as a result of any failure to keep their personal information safe.”