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Consumer safety lawyer welcomes investigation following claims that change in milk formula is making babies sick

Food giant responds to complaints by parents that their babies became ill after using Aptamil formula

Posted on 10 July 2018

French food company Danone is reported to be looking into claims that babies have become ill following a change to its Aptamil baby milk formula.

A number of mothers have reported that their babies have experienced upset stomachs after using a new version of Aptamil First Infant milk powder (stage 1). Three Aptamil baby milk formulas were recently changed. 

Danone have confirmed that Aptamil First Infant Milk powder (stage 1), Aptamil Follow On Milk powder (stage 2), and Aptamil Growing Up Milk powders (stages 3 & 4) all have 'a new formulation' but that the changes were made following 'extensive quality and safety checks' which found that 'the product is well tolerated by babies and is safe to consume'.

A number of mothers have reported that their children did not take well to the new formula, and displayed symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea after feeding. 

As part of its statement, Danone has said "Because these new milks have a slightly different formulation, we know that following the on-pack instructions closely makes more of a difference than before and they may be different to how parents previously made up our milks.

"We recommend parents double-check the on-pack instructions particularly about the water temperature and mixing."

Michelle Victor, a solicitor in the consumer law and product safety department at Leigh Day, commented:

“It is always concerning to hear of babies becoming ill following the consumption of a product specifically tailored to the needs of a young infant, particularly in the current hot weather when maintaining fluids is so important.

“Whilst questions will rightly be raised over the change in instructions for mixing the new formula, we are pleased that Danone appear to be taking the situation seriously, given the unnecessary stress and anxiety that the parents of these ill babies will be going through.”

Danone has said it was "taking all feedback very seriously" and that it was now investigating the complaints and had set up a free dedicated one-to-one helpline where parents can call for advice.

Parents in the UK are advised to call 0800 996 1000, pressing option 0 followed by option 1.