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6 figure sum of compensation following negligent hip surgery

Life-changing injuries for teacher after surgical procedures

Posted on 01 June 2018

A man in his fifties, known only as Mr G to protect his identity, has settled his medical negligence claim for over £500,000 after suffering negligent hip surgery.

Medical negligence solicitor Angharad Vaughan was approached by Mr G to represent him in a claim against the Hospital Trust who had treated him.  

Mr G was an active 45-year-old teacher and, in his free time, football referee, when he first consulted an orthopaedic surgeon about hip surgery to alleviate pain in his hips. 

Mr G underwent right and left metal-on-metal ‘Finsbury Adept’ hip resurfacing to improve his hip pain, firstly on his right hip and a few months later, on his left hip. Following these operations, he experienced increasing pain, clicking noises in his hips and was very concerned that something was not right.

Over the four years following his hip resurfacing surgery Mr G suffered severe pain whenever he carried out any weight-bearing activity. Walking became difficult, which had a damaging impact on his ability to work and carry out day to day tasks. He voiced his concerns to his consultant at every review appointment but was repeatedly told that all was well and to continue with physiotherapy exercises. In late 2009, x rays taken at a review appointment showed that the angle of inclination of both hip implants was far too steep, however nothing was done to rectify it.

Five years after the initial hip resurfacing surgery, Mr G eventually underwent two total hip replacements under the care of a different surgeon. Tests confirmed that he had suffered an adverse reaction to metal debris released by the metal hip components, which had degraded the muscles around his hips.

Mr G had difficulty recovering from the revision surgeries and required significant periods of time off work. He continues to suffer from restricted joint movement and frequent shooting and stabbing pains in both hips. He is unable to walk long distances and has been left with a limp. 

Medical negligence solicitor Angharad Vaughan instructed a number of experts to assess Mr G’s injury and future needs. Specialists in orthopaedic surgery, psychiatry, accommodation, care and occupational therapy were all consulted. 
The Defendant Hospital Trust admitted that the surgeon had not implanted the metal surfaces correctly and that, as a result, Mr G suffered pain, clicking in his hips, adverse metal reaction and required premature revision surgery.

After extensive negotiations, Angharad settled Mr G’s claim for a substantial sum. The money he has received will help him deal with the life-long health problems he has suffered as a result of the initial failures to correctly insert the hip implants. These include intense and frequent pain and restricted mobility, which affect many aspects of his day-to-day life.

Angharad Vaughan, associate medical negligence solicitor at Leigh Day, said, 

“My client has been left in near constant pain, and is anxious about the long-term health problems that he may suffer following negligent hip surgery.”

“I am pleased that the compensation he has received will help him to maximise his quality of life and to manage some of the challenges he will face in the future.”

Mr G said, “I asked a close friend, a partner in a Legal 500 firm, for advice on bringing a case against the Hospital Trust. He had no hesitation in recommending Leigh Day. This turned out to be the best advice I could have received.

“The quality of service I received from Angharad was excellent throughout. The level of detail in investigating every aspect of my case was outstanding. The thorough briefings at every stage of the process were very reassuring. I felt I was always involved in the process and that every issue I raised with Angharad was dealt with in a caring, yet professional manner.

“The level of compensation received is beyond the figure I had imagined. Although it will never make up for the quality of life lost, it is a comfort to know I have the means to face future challenges. I owe this to the tireless work of Angharad and Leigh Day. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”