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Six-figure settlement for woman whose artery was severed during surgery

Medical negligence solicitors act for woman with life-changing injury

Posted on 04 August 2016

A 41 year old woman has received a six-figure sum of compensation after she suffered a life-changing injury to her iliac artery during routine surgery.

The woman was represented by specialist medical negligence solicitor at Leigh Day, Suzanne White who said, “My client’s life changed forever when she underwent what should have been a routine procedure, however, on this occasion it went disastrously wrong.”

The woman, known only as Ms S to protect her identity, was admitted for a routine surgical procedure to insert tension free vaginal tape (TVT) to treat the stress incontinence she suffered after childbirth.

This procedure involves the insertion of synthetic surgical tape beneath the bladder which keeps it in place. 

During this surgery she sustained a ‘through and through’ injury of her right external iliac artery.  Her Iliac artery was completely severed.

Crucially, the injury was promptly detected and repaired using a graft from the long saphenous vein.

However, this graft became obstructed [occluded] and there were concerns that the blood flow to Ms S’s  external iliac artery was compromised .

She was urgently transferred to a specialist vascular unit where she had to undergo a femoral artery bypass procedure to treat the blockage.

The injury Ms S suffered has had life-changing consequences.  She has been unable to return to work because of the constant pain in her thigh and groin area. She will need care and assistance for routine daily tasks that she otherwise would have performed herself for many years.

Ms S has also had to undergo further surgery to have the graft replaced. The physical injuries she has suffered have had a negative impact on her psychological state.
Suzanne White, partner in the clinical negligence department at Leigh Day, assisted by Emma Kendall, was instructed to act on Ms S’ behalf.

Suzanne was able to secure an early admission of liability from the NHS Trust responsible for Ms S’ care. However the NHS Trust argued about how much the case was worth.
Suzanne instructed a number of medical experts to provide reports on her client’s needs and was able to able to secure a substantial six figure settlement for her one week before the case was due to be heard in Court.

Suzannne added:
“My client has suffered greatly as a result of the injury she has endured at a young age. She has had to undergo very complex surgery, long periods of recovery and had had the additional stress of litigation to recover the compensation she so rightly deserves.
This injury should never have happened to my client.”