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Fred Olsen cruise reported to be cancelled following Norovirus outbreak

Hundreds of passengers are believed to have been affected by sickness bug

Posted on 18 June 2015

Travel illness lawyer Clare Campbell has welcomed the announcement by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines that a three day mini-cruise that had been due to depart from Southampton on Saturday 20 June has been cancelled following an outbreak of Norovirus on the cruise ship Balmoral.

The company will now arrange for the cruise ship to be deep-cleaned to prevent the spread of the Norovirus bug which is believed to have affected hundreds of passengers on board the Balmoral.

The ship is currently on an 11 day Scandinavian cruise and is expected to return to Southampton on 20 June.

Outbreaks of stomach viruses on cruise ships are not uncommon and Fred Olsen ships have been affected in the past with passengers being confined to their cabins for several days after suffering from chronic vomiting and diarrhoea.

Most people recover quickly from a bout of Norovirus, but some people, especially the elderly or very young, can be left with serious health complications.

Travel illness solicitor at Leigh Day, Clare Campbell said:

“It is good to see that Fred Olsen is taking this latest outbreak of the Norovirus on their cruise ship Balmoral seriously by cancelling the next cruise to organise a complete clean of the vessel.

“However, for people who have saved up for their holiday to have been struck down with Norovirus is very disappointing, and for some it may be more than a temporary inconvenience.”