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Former NHS employee succeeds in her fight for compensation after back injury

Serious injury lawyer secures six figure settlement for woman who suffered an accident at work

Posted on 05 January 2015

A woman who worked for the NHS for many years has received nearly £600,000 after settling her claim for a spinal injury.
The woman, known only as Mrs S, had worked as a Joint Services Manager, supporting people with learning difficulties.  She planned to become an NHS director in social or health care. 

Mrs S suffered with a back problem which had been improved with spinal fusion surgery.  Despite this she worked full-time, and had an active social life.

In May 2008, Mrs S had an accident at work which led to her becoming severely disabled. It left her more or less confined to a wheelchair and in constant pain.

The NHS accepted they were at fault but denied she had suffered any new injury.

The NHS said that Mrs S would have been left with the same condition because her existing back problem would have deteriorated to this extent in any event. 

Mrs S was represented by serious injury lawyer Vijay Ganapathy. Because of Mrs S’s history of back problems the claim was medically extremely complex. 

Vijay was able to settle the claim for just under £600,000.

Serious injury lawyer at Leigh Day Vijay Ganapathy said:

“Whilst this may seem a relatively large sum, it will never make up for the profound impact which her accident has had on her daily life.  Her husband, rather admirably, gave up his job as a successful HR Manager so that he could stay at home and look after her.

“We sometimes have to deal with complex medical issues which, despite significant advances in medical science, leave many questions unanswered.  

"Spinal injury cases are particularly complex because of this, which is why I am glad that our client’s claim has succeeded”.