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Family of five struck down by bacterial infections following holiday in Egypt

Lawyers for a family of five from London have been investigating a possible illness outbreak at the Royal Albatross Moderna hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Posted on 03 August 2015

The McDonald family, including their three children aged one and three and 18, has instructed travel illness lawyer Clare Campbell at Leigh Day, a travel expert who has represented hundreds of clients taken ill abroad.

The family approached Leigh Day after confirmation from their GP that two of the children have been infected with the bacterial infection Shigella, and parasite Giardia which the family believe they contracted while on holiday.

The parasite Giardia if left untreated, can lead to serious liver damage. The three-year-old has been suffering from the infection Shigella, a bacterial infection related to Salmonella.

Both these conditions are caused by the presence of faeces in drinking water or food, and poor standards of hygiene often result in the transfer of the infection or parasite.

The family ate and drank only at the hotel where they stayed in June this year having booked a package holiday through loveholidays.com. They flew to the resort with Thomas Cook.

All the children in the family were taken unwell while they were away, with the 18-year-old suffering from stomach cramps, before the two younger children succumbed to vomiting and diarrhoea. Upon their return to England, the family were contacted by Public Health England who are investigating the possible outbreak.

Clare Campbell, Holiday illness lawyer at Leigh Day, said: “We are concerned to hear about this family’s experience and the serious illnesses that they have contracted which could have long lasting effects.

“The family understandably want answers from the tour operator. We are investigating the possible causes of the outbreak and would urge the hotel and the tour operators to assist with our enquiries to help to reduce the risk of further illness to holidaymakers.”

If you have fallen ill following a stay at the Royal Albatross Moderna, Sharm El-Sheikh or have experienced any illness as a result of a holiday abroad please contact us on 0207 76501200 for free advice and assistance.