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Clinical negligence lawyer welcomes recommended register of certified surgeons

Leigh Day lawyer believes that Royal College of Surgeons call for register would be a positive step for industry regulations

Posted on 27 January 2015

A leading clinical negligence lawyer at Leigh Day has welcomed the recommendation put forward by the Royal College of Surgeons that doctors should be prevented from performing cosmetic surgery outside their areas of speciality.

The organisation is calling for a new system that will certify surgeons for each procedure after telling the BBC that current regulations allow “GPs to do nose jobs” and that was “a big problem” for patients.

The recommend register follows a consultation launched by The Royal College of Surgeons looking at ways of improving the cosmetic surgery industry.

The proposed system would see the introduction of a register of certified surgeons, where Doctors would have to be proven specialists in their field and disclose information about their success rates.

Other organisations, including the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs) have supported the proposal stating that it would be positive step, but that it would only benefit patients if it was mandatory for surgeons to sign up to it.

Sanja Strkljevic, a Senior Solicitor at Leigh Day who specialises in clinical negligence, said: “We welcome the recommendation and believe that any changes that help to regulate the cosmetic industry should be introduced as soon as possible.

“However, at present the proposed register would only be voluntary, which would limit how far the system would protect the public.

“An obligatory register of all plastic and cosmetic surgeons would ensure that practitioners who do not have the correct training and qualifications to carry out such procedures would not be able to hold themselves out as specialists in this area.”