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Metal on metal hip lawyers receive approval for Group Litigation Order

Leigh Day appointed as lead solicitors for Depuy Pinnacle Ultamet metal on metal hip cases

Posted on 01 August 2014

Lawyers representing hundreds of individuals who allege that they have suffered injuries as a result of their Depuy Pinnacle Ultamet metal-on-metal hip prosthesis, have today received approval for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) at the High Court in London. 

Potential claimants can now apply to add their names to a Group Register in order to become formally part of the Group Action, whether Leigh Day or other solicitors represent them, so that all claims can be managed together efficiently.

Many GLO's result in the selection of ‘test cases’ through which issues common across all of the claims on the Group Register can be tried. This means that the Court and litigants can save time and costs, whilst also ensuring that their claims are dealt with in a full and fair way.

Under the terms of today’s GLO, Leigh Day have been appointed the lead solicitors, and are working with a Steering Committee comprised of other lawyers who represent large numbers of alleged victims.

The terms of the GLO will now be advertised in the Guardian Newspaper and through social media to ensure that all individuals who believe that they have been injured by their Pinnacle Ultamet prosthesis will have a chance to join the action.

Boz Michalowska-Howells, lead lawyer for the Leigh Day team, explained:

"It is important that anyone who has been implanted with a Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip prosthesis and who believes that they have been injured as a result, should come forward now in order to ensure that they are included within the group action”.

“We have brought together a world-class team of experts, and by managing the claims through a GLO, claimants all over the country will have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the whole team”.

Depuy continue to defend their product, which was withdrawn from the market internationally in August 2013, 3 years after the company recalled their other flagship metal-on-metal hip products the ASR and the ASR XL."

If you think you are affected and would like to speak to somebody about whether you can join the Group Action by being added to the Group Register of claims then call our team on 0207 650 1311 or email boz@leighday.co.uk