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Pressure grows on private clinics to meet cost of faulty breast implant removal

Women whose PiP breast implants were fitted by private clinics may be forced to pay for removal

Posted on 09 January 2012

The Government announced new advice on the PiP silicone gel filled breast implant scandal on 6th January 2012, after receiving advice from its Expert Advisory Group.  Concern and confusion for women who have been fitted with the French-made silicone breast implants has been growing since it was revealed that the implants are made up of non-medical grade silicone and should not have been implanted in women. Statistics about the rupture rates of the PIP implants vary, but women are understandably worried about the health problems faulty breast implants can case.

The Department of Health has announced that the NHS ‘will support removal of PIP implants if, after this consultation, the patient still has concerns and with her doctor she decides that it is right to do so. The NHS will replace the implants if the original operation was done by the NHS.’  However, the position for the vast majority of women whose implants were fitted by private clinics remains unclear.  The Government is pressurising the private sector to remove implants without charge, but a number of private clinics are resisting, saying that there is no evidence to suggest routine removal of PiP implants.

Defective medical products specialist solicitor Michelle Victor has been approached by a number of women looking for help in making private clinics pay for the removal of the faulty breast implants.  She says:

"The Government’s announcement that they will remove implants for concerned women if they have had their implants on the NHS, but have failed to take more decisive action to compel such clinics that implanted them to remove and replace them is disappointing. Women who have had the implants done privately, who are entitled to NHS care, can have the PIP implants removed BUT NOT replaced and only where the clinics which implanted them, no longer exist or refuse to assist. The Government has allowed these clinics to be left to their own devices and have not been made to act where action is now needed."

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