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Saving lives is not enough

First responders in burns treatment

Thursday 10 June 2021
16:00 - 17:30
This webinar will explore the future of burns treatment and how the actions of first responders can have an impact for survivors of burns. Our panel features experts with experience from across the spectrum of burns care, including the fire service, NHS, The Katie Piper Foundation and a burns survivor. The event will be chaired by Leigh Day partner, Jill Paterson.

Our Panel

Jill Paterson | Partner | Leigh Day (Chair)
• David Wales | founder | SharedAim Ltd
• Johanne Harrison | Head of patients services | The Katie Piper Foundation
• Kristina Stiles | Orthoplastic Clinical Nurse Specialist | NHS Trust
• Danielle Branch | Burns Survivor

Jill is a personal injury lawyer with specialist expertise in product safety. She represents individuals and families who have been affected by fires and explosions, including those believed to have been caused by faulty household products such as tumble-dryers and fridge freezers. She has a particular interest in assisting survivors of burns, having regularly witnessed the psychological and physical effects that these incidents can have

David is the founder of SharedAim Ltd, an innovative customer experience consultancy established to help organisations design and deliver human-centred services. Prior to this, he had a distinguished career in the fire and rescue service, during which he worked closely with the burns sector resulting in the Saving Lives is Not Enough report that he co-authored.  

Johanne works for The Katie Piper Foundation as Head of Patient Services. She is a qualified psychotherapist and has over 20 years’ experience of supporting adults and children within social care and the charitable sector. Her primary focus for survivors of burns and people living with scars from traumatic incidents, is to provide psychosocial input and help them to access appropriate services, to benefit their quality of life. 

Kristina is a burn specialist nurse of 18 years working at the King's College Hospital with an interest in burns first aid, education and pre-hospital burn care. She is the author of "The Family Oops and Burns First Aid" and co-author of the "Saving Lives is Not Enough" report. 

Danielle Branch became an expert by experience in burns care and rehabilitation following a fire which left her with 90% of her body wounded. Owning her identity of 'survivor', she made the vision of KPF's Rehabilitation Centre a reality by contributing to its co-design and has supported countless other survivors. Danielle is regularly called upon to share public messages about living with burns, ranging from BBC prime slot appearances to specialist talks, for example the Fire Chiefs Conference.

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Chairing the webinar

Jill Paterson
Fire Inquests Medical devices Personal injury

Jill Paterson

Jill Paterson is a renowned market leader in representing people who have been harmed