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Has spotlight on issues at Royal Sussex County Hospital left you worried about the treatment you received?

The Royal Sussex County Hospital has been under scrutiny following the death of a two-day-old girl and ongoing investigation into general surgery and neurosurgery departments. Here, Suzanne White, Head of the Medical Negligence team discusses the recent concerns and how Leigh Day can help.

Posted on 19 January 2024

It seems that The Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH) is never far from the headlines at the moment. Just this week, People were urged not to attend A&E unless it was a lifesaving emergency after problems with IT and phone systems. This follows an inquest into the death of two-day-old Abigail Fowler Miller which led to calls for a public inquiry, as well as an ongoing police investigation into their general surgery and neurosurgery departments.

With such a focus on alleged issues at the RSCH, people might be questioning the care they have received. Indeed, Leigh Day is already acting on behalf of several clients who believe they have a medical negligence claim against the Trust.

Calls for national inquiry into maternity services

Abigail died at RSCH in January 2022 as a result of hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy, which resulted in multiple organ failure. At an inquest into her death, the coroner concluded that had her mother been offered an assessment, she would have been an in-patient and treated for the rupture - treatment which could have "significantly prolonged Abigail's life". After the inquest, Abigail’s parents raised concerns about the standard of care in maternity services across the UK, claiming that despite phoning the maternity unit four times, they were met with dismissive tones.

This is one of numerous maternity scandals across the UK which has led to calls for a statutory public inquiry into maternity safety in England. In October 2023, The Maternity Safety Alliance wrote to the then Health Secretary Steve Barclay arguing that only a judge-led, statutory public inquiry can command the confidence of families and arrive at conclusions "free of party politics".

The impact of medical negligence during childbirth can be life-altering and is something no parent or child should have to go through. If you do find yourself in this distressing position, our birth injury solicitors can help support you. Leigh Day offers a free confidential, no obligation, discussion to see if we can help.


Operation Bamber

Police investigate potential medical negligence which could have led to the death of more than 40 patients.

There is currently a police investigation taking place called Operation Bamber looking into potential medical negligence which connected to the death of more than 40 patients at RSCH.

The investigation, which launched in June 2023, is looking at some surgeons at the Trust who may be involved in the alleged negligent in treatment of dozens of patients between 2015 to 2021, many of whom sadly died. One of the whistleblowers, Krishna Singh, a senior surgeon at the Trust, has stated that believes he has lost his job as a result of raising concerns about patient safety. 

There are now calls for certain general surgeons and neurosurgeons to be suspended, however, the Trust has stated that it remains confident in its staff.

As media reports put a spotlight on RSCH, former patients may also have concerns about the care they, or a loved one received at this, or indeed any hospital. Our clinical negligence team has vast experience in a wide range of claims, and we are currently acting for a number of the families involved in Operation Bamber investigation. Our team is here to offer sensitive support and expert advice.

Suzanne White
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Suzanne White

Suzanne White is head of the medical negligence team and has specialised in this area of law since qualifying in 1999.

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