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Car steering wheel
self-driving cars driving Road safety

Self-driving cars: Can drivers and other road users be sure that they are safe?

Jill Paterson and Megan George discuss the prospects for driverless cars.

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Medical negligence stroke awareness month

Stroke Awareness Month

It’s Stroke Awareness Month, but how much do you know about Strokes? Writes Emily Markey

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Nut Allergy Vegetarian Food Safety
Product liability Consumer law Covid-19 Coronavirus allergies Food allergies Food safety Food Allergy Week

Protection of allergy sufferers in a post-pandemic world

In Food Allergy Week, Michelle Victor and Jessica Harrison discuss what can be done to better protect allergy sufferers in a post-pandemic world?

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City Of London
Consumer law Woodford claims Woodford Payback Link

Link update to investors including investment into Mafic

Meriel Hodgson-Teall discusses Link’s update to investors on 31 March 2021 with information on changes to the fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) and about a further investment that has been made in Mafic.

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Woman Holding A Candle
Product safety Consumer law Owen Carey

The right to bereavement damages – moral or legal responsibility?

Food safety lawyer Michelle Victor, who represents the family of Owen Carey, discusses bereavement damages, how they are applied differently across the UK and their limitations.

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Business Woman Leading Meeting
Regulatory Regulatory and disciplinary Disciplinary NDA SRA Solicitors Law firms

Dealing with NDAs: far from settled

Emma Walker looks at the use of non-disclosure agreements which the SRA published a warning notice on in 2018 and updated in November 2020.

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Female Tv Editor
Human rights Human rights abuses abuse Abuse claims

Noel Clarke allegations: what hope for change in TV and film industry?

Alison Millar discusses what needs to change after another showbusiness star is exposed for alleged sexual misconduct.

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Anonymous Pregnant Woman
Medical negligence c-sections Pregnancy

C-sections- the importance of choice

In caesarean section awareness month Frankie Rhodes explains why the conversation around how women give birth has to change.

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women packing box in warehouse
Personal injury International Workers' Memorial Day #IWMD21

International Workers’ Memorial Day 2021 #IWMD21

Ross Whalley and Poppy Barnett discusses the importance of International Workers’ Memorial Day

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Car steering wheel
Addison Lee Employment Gig Economy

What’s next for Addison Lee drivers after the Court of Appeal victory?

Last week the Court of Appeal ruled Addison Lee will not be permitted to appeal an Employment Tribunal’s decision that drivers are entitled to workers’ rights, but what does this mean for your claim?

News Article
women doing makeup
Product safety Consumer law Cosmetics allergies

‘Hidden ingredients’ in cosmetic products gives a whole new meaning to the term caveat emptor for those with allergies

Tina Patel and Charlotte Tapang consider the changes that are needed to make allergy sufferers aware of hidden ingredients in cosmetic products

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Houses Of Parliament

The UK Trade Bill’s ‘Genocide Amendment’ fails to embed government accountability

Lauren Chaplin and Matthew Renshaw, from our international department, discuss the ‘Genocide Amendment’ to the UK Trade Bill and why the final text falls short in requiring the government to act on reports of genocide relating to our trading partners.