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Expect It's Safe, Expect It's Fair


To put it simply, people want answers...

'When someone comes to us and says, 'it's ridiculous, how can my dad have died as a result of a faulty fridge/freezer', we can't stand by, we just have to do something about that.'

To put it simply, people want answers. They want to know why they were given an artificial hip that failed. They want to know how, in this day and age, someone can die in a house fire caused by a faulty tumbler. They want to know why companies are allowed to put profits over people?

Well that’s where we come in. We take on the fight for the consumer… the person in the street… and make sure we get the answers, even if it means going up against the biggest corporations.

It’s all about the anger people feel that a company can put a product on the market that’s not safe, and they’re having to live with the consequences. Organisations have to be accountable for what they’ve done and we need to stop them doing it in the future.

We campaign for change, we can’t stand by, we just have to do something.


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