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Injuries caused by cosmetic products

The specialist product safety and consumer law team at Leigh Day is at the forefront of consumer safety and the cosmetic industry is no exception.
Associate solicitor Tina Patel has a wealth of experience in representing consumers who have suffered a range of injuries including skin burns, rashes, anaphylactic shock, extreme swelling and long term skin conditions due to their exposure to harmful ingredients in every day products or as a consequence of professional cosmetic/beauty treatments.

Tina and her team currently represent a group of women who have all suffered facial burn injuries following use of the now unavailable Boots Smooth Care Hair lightening cream product
Recent successes include:
  • Obtaining compensation for a client following damage to her hair from use of a Charles Worthington’s Home Hair Straightening Kit. 
  • Obtaining compensation for a young client who was admitted to hospital following a severe anaphylactic shock after a salon failed to conduct a patch test prior to dying her hair.
  • Assisting a client recover compensation following a reaction to a preservative contained in various Clarins products.
  • Recovering compensation for a client who suffered from contact dermatitis following an LED facial at a salon.

Our unparalleled experience includes securing compensation for a range of individuals who have suffered skin burns following the use of a deodorants, sun creams and everyday skin care products. We have also obtained significant damages for individuals who have suffered a severe anaphylactic reaction following the use of hair dye products and those who have suffered damage to their hair following the use of hair styling products.

The law

The EC Cosmetics Regulation which came into force on 11 July 2013 aims to improve cosmetic product safety for consumers in the UK and reduce the dangers and risks contained in cosmetic products. 
Tina and her team at Leigh Day continue to raise awareness of the importance of regulation of the cosmetic industry to ensure that products placed on the market are safe for use and have adequate labelling before being sold to the public. 
The cosmetic and beauty industry in the UK is growing year on year with new products and cosmetic treatments becoming available daily. Whilst most manufactures and beauty treatment providers comply with the law to ensure products and treatments are safe, occasionally things go wrong and in those circumstances we are here to help. 
If you have been injured after using a cosmetic product we advise you to immediately seek medical attention, providing your healthcare consultant with details of any such products that you feel could have caused you harm. It is important that you bring this to their attention to enable them to consider the appropriate remedies for you.
"Irene & Tina have been a pleasure to deal with throughout. Wholeheartedly would reccommend them. Friendly and polite and able to answer questions without the legal jargon that I am not accustom to. I chose Leigh Day due to the nature of my person injury, being quite a niche beauty treatment. I recieved damages in the higher bracket of my injury and the case is closed in under 1 year! I am over the moon. Thank you Irene & Tina!"
If you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a consequence of a cosmetic product, you may be able to bring legal action and we can help you discuss any potential claim. 
If you would like to speak to a specialist cosmetics claims lawyer for a free initial consultation please contact Tina, or Irene Karidas on 020 7650 1142.

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