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Student contract claims

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 students at Higher Education Institutions in the UK are legally classed as ‘consumers’, which means they are entitled to the same protection as any other person in the UK who has purchased an item or a service.
Given the Government reforms made to Higher Education funding from 2012 onwards, students are now paying large sums in tuition fees and high interest on student loans, and are entitled to expect their courses/degrees to be delivered with reasonable care and skill. Unfortunately this does not always happen and students are left feeling aggrieved by the fact that they have paid vast sums of money, which for many students will take years to pay back, yet they are not being provided with the teaching, resources, facilities and/or qualifications they were promised prior to enrolling on the course.   

How can Leigh Day help you?

Leigh Day acts for students in legal claims for breach of contract against their College or University.
Recent successes include:
  • Solicitor Harriet Bass has successfully obtained compensation for a small group of students who experienced a number of issues with their Higher Education course and as a result did not obtain the qualification they were promised. Upon conclusion of the case, Harriet’s client stated “I would recommend your service to anyone who ever needed it and if I ever need any guidance in the future you and your team will be the first people I ever approach. Thank you for making me realise we were doing the correct thing and standing up for what was right.”

If you have paid tuition fees for a course and have not been provided with the service that you expected when you enrolled on the course, please do get in touch with our team by email at Uniclaims@leighday.co.uk or by telephone at 0808 599 1741.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.