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Hotel accident claims

If you or a member of your family has been injured in an accident in a hotel abroad you may be able to bring a personal injury compensation claim. 

Suffering an injury in a hotel abroad can be a distressing experience and may even result in a serious, life-changing injury. The travel injury and illness team at Leigh Day has many years’ experience of successfully securing compensation for people who have been injured in hotels abroad. Our travel litigation lawyers have extensive experience in representing individuals and groups of holiday makers who have been injured abroad.

UK laws including the Package Travel Regulations may allow holiday makers to bring a claim against their tour operator in the UK, even if they have been injured abroad. 

Health and safety standards abroad may not match what one would expect in the UK. Despite that, tour operators are obliged to carry out risk assessments on hotels which they advertise to make sure that the hotel facilities comply with the local standards, and that guests will be safe whilst on holiday.

Increasingly, people nowadays chose to arrange their own holidays rather than to purchase a package tour through a tour operator. These types of holidays are unlikely to be covered by the Package Tour Regulations.  A claim may need to be brought against the hotel or its insurers abroad. Such claims can often involve complex issues and it is important that a specialist holiday claims lawyer with experience of dealing with the laws of different countries is used.

Time limits for bringing such claims are often shorter than the time limit in the UK and it is important therefore to seek advice sooner rather than later.

You may find our top tips guide on what to do if you are unfortunate enough to be injured abroad useful.

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