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Leigh Day supports Africa Educational Trust to improve education and health in the Dol Dol region of Kenya

The project provides clean water and porridge to school children every morning. For some children this will be their only meal of the day.

Dol Dol children enjoying porridge

18 July 2017

As a result of the project, Africa Educational Trust (AET) has seen improved enrolment and retention of children in nursery schools and better concentration by the children.

“When Lucy Maina, Programme Director for AET, told us that some children were going without food for days on end and suggested a programme to provide porridge for them every day, we were keen to provide the additional support and extending that to providing clean water to the communities was an obvious next step,” said Russell Levy, Senior Partner at Leigh Day and AET Board member.
Parents in the community have volunteered to cook, wash dishes and provide firewood.  They have also donated metal sheeting to build a kitchen where the porridge is prepared.
As part of the project water tanks have been provided for the community, increasing the clean water available for those living in the area and reducing the distance women and children have to travel to fetch clean water.  This also means that women now have more time available to take part in learning classes and taking care of their children.

The firm’s partnership with Africa Educational Trust began in 2007 with the aim of improving the lives of HIV/AIDS orphans in the remote rural communities of Dol Dol, Kenya.
Leigh Day got to know the area through its work representing Masai pastoralists who were injured by munitions left lying on grazing lands by the British army while carrying out training exercises.
Staff from Leigh Day have participated in a number of activities to raise money for the charity and some staff have had the opportunity to travel to Dol Dol to see the work of AET first-hand.

Over the past 10 years Leigh Day have supported about 50 orphans each year through primary and secondary school. 
Russell Levy said:
“It has been a great pleasure for the firm to be involved in the Dol Dol community project.  We believe education is the key to the future and we have been delighted to be able to help children who wouldn’t otherwise have been educated.”
Lucy Maina, Programme Director for AET, added: “The community greatly values the support that Leigh Day has offered, especially during the tough times of drought. Water and food are essential to life and learning.  Children are now attracted to go to school and stay in school and are able to concentrate and perform better. They look forward to the school days.”

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