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Supreme Court to hear families fight for compensation against chemical giant Johnson Matthey

Supreme Court to hear legal claim on behalf of three former employees of FTSE 100 chemical company Johnson Matthey

Posted on 23 November 2017

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the UK, will hear the case against Johnson Matthey on behalf of three former employees of the chemicals company in a two-day hearing starting on 27 November 2017.

Harminder Bains from law firm Leigh Day is representing the three men who are taking legal action to request that Johnson Matthey pay compensation to the three men, Waynsworth Dryden, Tony Cipullo and Simon York.

Johnson Matthey admitted to failing to keep their Royston and Brimsdown factories clean, and that failure has caused each of the Claimants to develop a sensitivity to platinum salts. In addition, they admitted that the three men have developed platinum sensitivity.

Platinum salt sensitivity is itself symptomless, however, further exposure to platinum salts is likely to cause the men to develop an allergic reaction, which usually manifests as pain and irritation to the eyes, nose, chest and skin.

Whilst platinum salts are not something that is commonly found in normal life, they are an essential part of the work the Claimants do.

Industrial disease partner at Leigh Day, Harminder Bains, said: “As a result of the platinum sensitivity, these three men have lost their highly skilled jobs in these chemical plants, and they have lost wages and other benefits. Yet, sadly, Johnson Matthey, who earlier this week publicised the fact that they had made a financial growth, have failed to pay my clients compensation.

“If the Supreme Court does not overturn the Court of Appeal judgment, other employers could use this case to side-step their health and safety responsibilities to their employees and may negligently expose other workers to hazardous working conditions. “It is extremely important that the right of employees to be protected from harm in their workplace, without suffering financial loss, is reinforced.”

Counsel representing the Claimants are Robert Weir QC and Patrick Kerr.