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Six figure sum for cyclist who sustained multiple injuries

Six figure sum for 40 year old cyclist who sustained multiple injuries in a road traffic incident

Male cyclist

30 January 2017

Jonathan, a keen cyclist and member of a cycling club was returning home after a training ride, was stationary and waiting to enter a roundabout when the defendant collided with him from behind knocking him off his bicycle and in front of the vehicle. The incident occurred in October 2013.

Despite the impact, the driver failed to notice that she had knocked him off and drove over him, dragging him under the vehicle and into the roundabout.

Jonathan sustained multiple injuries including a broken collarbone, broken pelvis, arm,  hip and multiple rib fractures a punctured and collapsed lung, ankle ligament injury and damage to his retina and psychiatric injury.

He was airlifted to hospital but was initially unable to undergo surgery due to the collapsed lung and need for a ventilator to assist him to breathe.

He eventually underwent several operations both during the initial period of hospitalisation and over the following two years including partial fusion of his wrist, leaving him with permanent restriction. He will almost certainly need to undergo full fusion in the future.

At the time of the collision, Mr J was employed as a Master Technician for a motor company but was unable to resume that employment due to his injuries.

The car driver’s insurer agreed to fund a three-year college course to enable him to retrain which is ongoing, he is due to graduate in the summer of 2017.

Christine Tallon from the personal injury team at Leigh Day, who represented Mr J said:

“This collision has had a huge impact on my client and his young family. Not only was he unable to resume a career which he had enjoyed for many years which caused financial worries on top of health worries but he was also unable to engage with his young family in the way in which he would otherwise have done. He could not run around and play with his young children and as a result of his immobility could not even be left to care for them alone for some considerable time”.

“I was pleased that the defendants were willing to fund his course and extremely impressed at the motivation and excellent results which Jonathan has achieved despite having to undergo several surgical procedures whilst studying after having been out of education for many years and suffering with dyslexia as well as trying to come to terms with the realisation that he would never regain the level of mobility and fitness which he had had prior to this incident.

"If only all defendants would realise how much of a difference it can make to a claimant when there is a willingness to assist them in regaining their lives from an early stage in the claim”.

Mr J and his wife said:

“We really want to thank you for taking so much stress out of the situation since the accident. Your advice, knowledge and expertise right from our initial meeting gave us confidence that you would get a good result and we were very pleased with the outcome.

"Thank you so much again for doing such a brilliant job”.

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