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Leigh Day welcomes research on supporting trans employees

Leigh Day welcomes the recent research by the Institute for Employment Studies, published by Acas, on supporting trans employees in the workplace

30 August 2017

Leigh Day welcomes the recent research by the Institute for Employment Studies, published by Acas, on supporting trans employees in the workplace. 
The research paper was published earlier this month and is accompanied by a useful guide to terminology, which states that language in this area is constantly evolving and that it is best practice to use the terms, definitions and pronouns preferred by trans employees/colleagues over any terminology taken from another source. 
Alongside the research paper, Acas has also issued guidance aimed at giving employers, managers, HR personnel, employees, employee/trade union representatives, and job applicants a grounding in how discrimination because of (or in relation to) a person’s gender identity can occur in the workplace, how it can be dealt with, and how the risk of any incidents of discrimination occurring can be reduced. For example, by employers reviewing their policies and procedures to ensure that trans people are not put at a particular disadvantage. 
Alice Ramsay, a solicitor from Leigh Day’s Employment Team, has extensive experience of acting in cases involving gender identity discrimination and has represented and advised many people who have experienced such discrimination in employment, education, and in the context of accessing services.  She said:
“It is a welcome development that Acas has decided to launch a new guide on supporting trans people in the workplace.  Discrimination and harassment at work, or in the process of applying for a job, can have lasting and damaging effects.  Employers should take steps to ensure that their workplaces have robust policies combatting discrimination against trans people and should follow best practice such as the recommendations in the Acas guidance, which are broad in scope and include recommendations in relation to supporting people with non-binary gender identities.  The new guidance from Acas is recommended reading for employers, employees and job applicants alike and includes useful examples of what may amount to unlawful discrimination contrary to the Equality Act 2010 and how complaints regarding discrimination should be dealt with.”
If you feel that you have experienced gender identity discrimination and you wish to know whether the Employment Team at Leigh Day would be able to assist you, please contact us at 020 7650 1200 or at postbox@leighday.co.uk

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