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Childhood abuse claim settled against private school for £75,000

Settlement follows allegations that the man was subjected to physical and sexual assaults as a pupil

16 May 2016

Lawyers at Leigh Day have succeeded in securing a settlement of £75,000 for a man who suffered childhood abuse at a prestigious private school in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.
The client, who wishes to remain anonymous, brought the claim over allegations that he was subjected to numerous physical and sexual assaults by two members of teaching staff at the school, which is situated in the south-east region of England.  
Having reported the abuse to the school at the time, and subsequently contacted the school (unsuccessfully) in an attempt to seek closure and redress during adulthood, our client decided to approach the abuse law team at Leigh Day.
During the course of investigations undertaken by Leigh Day, one of the alleged perpetrators died and the other could not be traced. The team, however, were able to obtain sufficient evidence to corroborate the allegations made, including witness testimony from other former pupils of the school.
Independent expert evidence was also obtained from a psychiatrist, confirming that our client suffers from PTSD as a result of his experiences at the school.
Kate Whiting from the abuse law team at Leigh Day approached the defendant school on the client’s behalf, setting out the proposed claim. After negotiations with the defendant, Leigh Day was able to settle the claim for £75,000.
Of his experiences instructing Leigh Day on his claim, the client said:
“The abuse team at Leigh Day treated me with great sensitivity and were professional throughout. They were communicative and available and made sure that I understood each step of the complex legal process. I highly recommend Allison Millar's team with special thanks to Kate Whiting.”

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