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Six figure sum for young mum who sustained serious foot and ankle injuries

Compensation awarded to woman who was involved in a road traffic collision

Posted on 13 December 2016

A young mother aged 33 from Oxford, known only as R to protect her identity, has been awarded a six figure sum of compensation after being seriously injured in a road traffic collision.

R was represented by serious injury lawyer Christine Tallon.

R was injured when a driver cut across her path and collided with her vehicle.

She suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured sternum, multiple rib fractures, and injuries to her right fingers.  More seriously, she suffered a complex right ankle fracture and injury to the joint.

Despite extensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions R continued to suffer with significant problems, and eventually underwent arthroscopy and a triple hind foot fusion.

The fusion surgery provided little relief and R continued to experience severe nerve pain.

Following a referral to the pain clinic, she was advised to undergo the insertion of a dorsal root ganglion spinal cord stimulator and the implant took place in June 2015.

The stimulator has provided R with some control over her pain levels although ankle fusion surgery is inevitable in the future.

R had only set up a small business only a few months before the collision. Because of her injuries, she was unable to resume employment as a beauty therapist, her chosen line of work.

R needs a fully adapted vehicle and wheelchair accessible accommodation, and also a motorised scooter to enable her to resume country walks with her young daughter.

Leigh Day serious injury lawyer Christin Tallon said:

“Despite the huge impact that the accident and injuries had on my client who has a young daughter, she has shown incredible determination to get on with her life as best she can.”

“Thankfully liability was admitted at an early stage. However, her injuries were complex and she had to undergo several surgeries, all of which resulted in periods of immobility and the need for increased gratuitous care not only for herself, but for her young daughter.

“I am pleased that the settlement has meant that R will be able to purchase a suitable home for herself and her daughter to take into account her residual levels of disability.”

R said, “I am so lucky to have had your help and expertise, when I have spoken to others who have had an accident, none of them have had the help, support and the financial result that I had.”