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Amputation claim settles for more than £2 million

Serious injury specialist lawyer co-ordinates complex claim following road traffic accident

8 February 2016

A man known only as S has settled his claim for compensation for a value in excess of £2m.
S suffered a below the knee amputation of his right leg in a road traffic accident.

He was trying to push a broken down car off a dual carriageway to clear the highway when an overtaking lorry lost control colliding with the car and running over our client.

S suffered a below knee amputation of his right leg and serious de-gloving injury to his left foot. He was also left with a number of other orthopaedic injuries and suffered tinnitus and psychiatric injuries. The defendant admitted liability at an early stage which allowed serious injury partner Daniel Easton to secure significant interim payments for our client to help with his early rehabilitation.

Daniel co-ordinated a large number of medical, care and accommodation experts and barristers and, at a settlement meeting in October 2015 the case was resolved with an estimated value in excess of £2m.

Biome prosthetic limbCrucially the damages included the costs of new prosthetics including cutting edge technology in the form of the Biome prosthetic, a highly advanced bionic system that is intended to simulate the true action of the human ankle.

Other prosthetics that we successfully claimed for included a specialist sports leg, wet leg, running blade and skiing blade. The claim also included amounts for accommodation, care, vehicles and lost earnings and medical expenses.  The claim was carefully put together by Daniel, and a leading barrister, using a team of five medical experts, an accommodation expert and occupational therapist to ensure it covered the ongoing costs for the rest of S’s life.
Daniel Easton commented:

"It is a true testament to the mental and physical strength of my client that he managed to make such impressive strides with his rehabilitation and I sincerely hope the settlement of his claim now allows him to continue moving that forwards and to go on to achieve even better things.

“The ability to recover full and proper damages for the right prosthetics is crucial to establishing freedom in the future and I'm delighted that we have played a part in managing that. I have no doubt he will go on to achieve fantastic things now that he has the resources to do so.
S commented:

“After suffering a hugely traumatic accident, becoming an amputee, with many other injuries, I had no idea of how my life would ever be, and had many anxieties and worries. I instructed Daniel Easton from Leigh Day, after reading how importantly the firm valued human rights, which, as a newly disabled man, I felt important.

“Immediately upon visiting me in hospital whilst wheelchair bound, Daniel made me feel at ease. He had a caring and empathetic attitude, and that remained throughout my claim. Daniel always explained every aspect very clearly so I understood. Even at my most anxious, he managed the situation perfectly!

“Daniel chose the best professionals to assist with my rehabilitation and the expert reports needed for my claim. Without the intervention of such professionals, my physical & mental condition would be far, far worse.

"All of the professionals Daniel recommended made me feel at ease gave me the best advice I could get, and the light at the end of the tunnel I needed.

“Daniel managed to get me rewarded with prosthetics for all aspects of life, from skiing to swimming. I feel I can now go on and leave a 'normal' life, which I never would have done from the outset.

“Daniel worked exceptionally hard for me to give me the best standard of life I could have, and I will always be grateful.  He took a no nonsense approach when it came to the opposition but made me smile throughout my claim, and took all of the stresses away!”

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

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