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Man awarded £22,500 after tumour wrongly diagnosed

Delayed diagnosis of glomus vagale tumour case settles

Surgery in progress

24 March 2016

A 46 year old man who underwent two unnecessary operations to remove a tumour in his neck has been awarded £22,500.

The man known only as Mr C had a history of a persistent cough. He was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a benign tumour in his neck. He underwent two operations, the first to remove the mass and the second to remove lymph nodes.

Mr C seemed to be making a reasonable recovery however approximately 10 months after undergoing his second surgery he began to feel unwell again.

In the months that followed his condition continued to deteriorate.  

He underwent numerous and extensive investigations and feared he was going to die. He became increasingly dependent upon his partner and his mother to care for him.

Hospital tests finally concluded that Mr C had a glomus vagale tumour, a different type of tumour than originally diagnosed. He underwent a third operation to remove the tumour which was successful.

Medical negligence lawyers at Leigh Day, acting for Mr C, argued that had the tumour been correctly diagnosed, during the first operation, the correct tumour would have been removed and that their client would have avoided two unnecessary operations as well as significant pain and suffering.

Fiona Huddleston, Mr C’s solicitor commented:

“Mr C went through a terrible ordeal which would have been avoided if the tumour had been correctly diagnosed and removed during the first operation and not, as was the case, some 17 months later. “

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