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IKEA recalls 29 million drawers in US, but no UK recall

Swedish retailer recalls Malm chests of drawers in North America

29 June 2016

IKEA (USA) have recalled a line of drawers following reports of fatalities where three children are thought to have been crushed by the furniture ‘tipping’. The recall covers six models of the Malm range.

IKEA (UK) have not issued a public warning or recall. The Australian branch has announced it will not be making a recall, as it provides an ‘anti-tipping’ kit that secures the piece of furniture to the wall. Concerns have been raised however that such kits were only provided with the furniture from July 2015, whilst the product itself has been on sale and in people’s homes for much longer.

Consumer law and product liability lawyer, Caroline Kempster, has called on IKEA to issue a worldwide recall of the Malm drawers, urging the furniture giant to remember recent comments made by IKEA’s own Maria Thorn that the company have a ‘zero tolerance policy regarding child safety’.

“We recently commended IKEA on their swift recall action recently regarding the Patrull and Klamma safety gates, and are surprised that such measures have not been taken with the Malm drawer units. It is vital that the recall in the United States and Canada is echoed across the world and that going forward, buyers of such furniture are properly advised of the safety measures that must be in place when using such items of furniture.”

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