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Food safety lawyer welcomes FSA initiative on food crime

Whistle blowers are being encouraged to use a confidential reporting service to report food crimes

Food being served at a carvery

30 June 2016

Food safety lawyer Michelle Victor has welcomed an announcement from the Food Standards Agency about the reporting of food crime.

The National Food Crime Unit has launched ‘Food Crime Confidential’, a confidential reporting service where food crime can be reported via email and phone by anyone who is suspicious about the food they have eaten or worked with.

The National Food Crime Unit’s remit is to protect people from serious criminal activity related to the food and drink industry, this can occur at any stage in the production or supply of food.

The service is particularly aimed at people working in the UK food industry.

The Unit has asked for reports relating to:
  • food or drink containing things which it shouldn’t
  • those workplace methods for producing, processing, storing, labelling or transporting food which do not seem quite right
  • items of food or drink stating that it is of a certain quality or from a specific place or region, when it is not

People can call 0207 276 8787 or email foodcrime@fodstandrads.gsi.gov.uk to make their reports.

Food safety lawyer at Leigh Day, Michelle Victor, said:

“Consumers have the right to expect that the food and drink that they consume is safe.  

“The National Food Crime Unit plays an important part in protecting consumers from unsafe products, and I welcome the introduction of a new reporting service where potential food crimes can be reported on a confidential basis.

“I hope that whistle blowers will feel confident that any information that they provide will be used to protect consumers from contaminated or adulterated food.”

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