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Reports suggest errors by Depuy in relation to its Pinnacle Ultamet hip replacement

According to the Daily Telegraph Depuy had admited an “error in the measuring techniques” used to produce its “precision controlled” Pinnacle Ultamet Device

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25 January 2016

The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday 25 January 2016 that, one of the world’s largest hip replacement firms, Depuy, has admitted “an error in the measuring techniques” used when making one of its metal-on-metal total hip implants known as the Depuy Pinnacle Ultamet device.

This significant admission reported by the Telegraph, comes as Leigh Day continue to lead a group of legal firms across the UK who represent hundreds of individuals, all of whom allege early failure and injury following their implantation with Depuy’s Pinnacle Ultamet hip device.

The Pinnacle Ultamet was marketed in the UK as a device that was able to achieve “exceptionally low wear rates”, a factor which lead surgeons to believe that the pinnacle would last longer than conventional hip replacements.

Depuy claimed that the bearing surfaces of their Pinnacle Ultamet were produced through “precision controlled manufacturing” involving “sophisticated manufacturing and advanced grinding and polishing techniques”.

The Telegraph has reported comments from a spokesman for Depuy, that the company became aware of a manufacturing error with the Pinnacle Ultamet in 2008 and that the issue was thoroughly investigated.

However, it is also reported that the US regulator, the FDA investigated Depuy’s production facilities in 2011 and also raised concerns.

As made clear in the Telegraph, Depuy has admitted that there was a manufacturing issue at its Leeds plant but insists that it did not have any safety implications.

Depuy announced the “discontinuation” of the Pinnacle Ultamet device in March 2013. The latest data reported by the National Joint Registry indicates that over 15% of Pinnacle Ultamet devices have failed at 10 years in comparison with failure rates of below 3% for the best performing alternative prostheses.

Boz Michalowska has urged Depuy to enter into negotiations with the hundreds of individuals affected by the Pinnacle Ultamet device, in order to achieve swift and fair compensation for all those affected by this device.

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