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Which? highlights dangers of exploding washing machines

Consumer group Which? has reported on cases where glass doors have given way on washing machines

Washing machine doors

21 April 2016

Consumer safety lawyer Jill Paterson has reacted with concern to a report from consumer organisation Which? on the phenomena of exploding washing machine glass doors.

Ms Paterson has acted for many families who have suffered injuries because of faulty kitchen appliances and is horrified by the latest statistics discovered by Which?

Which? has uncovered hundreds of cases where the glass doors of washing machines have exploded.  

Which? first reported on the topic in 2012 since when it found 280 reports of appliances including washing machines, washer-dryers, or tumble dryer glass doors cracking or shattering.

The true number of incidents could be much higher as Which? has based its report only on the number of reports it has received from consumers.

Brands reported to Which? include Beko (41% of reported incidents) and Hotpoint (10%).

Consumers have been left shocked and traumatised when the doors of their appliances have exploded.  Speaking to the Daily Mirror Jennie James reported how she heard a load whirring noise from her washing machine followed by a loud bang as the door exploded, covering her kitchen floor and the inside of the machine with shards of glass.

Which? say that the reasons the glass doors are exploding could include washing machines being made with lower-quality components.

Consumers are advised not to over-fill their machines, and to wash items of clothing with metal parts in a laundry bag.  Which? also suggest setting a lower spin speed if the machine has that option.

Consumer safety lawyer Jill Paterson said:

“The potential threat to consumers of serious injury from shattered glass shards is one that manufacturers should be taking very seriously.

“If there are any steps that manufacturers can take to protect consumers, such as adding a plastic film to the glass doors, they should take these as soon as possible.”

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

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