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Bumbo International issue recall of four million baby seats

Some babies have been seriously injured after falling from baby seats

13 September 2012

Trading Standards released a safety notice to consumers regarding the baby seat manufactured by Bumbo on 31st August 2012. This followed a voluntary recall by Bumbo International, in coordination with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, of around four million of their baby seats products in the United States on 15 August.

The voluntary action by Bumbo was a result of a number of incidents where babies wriggled and fell out of the Bumbo baby seat, causing serious injury including skull fractures.

The recall follows a similar action in 2007, where the South-African based company recalled around 1 million lots of the Bumbo baby seat to update their products with a warning not to use on raised surfaces.

However, since the recall, it is known that at least 84 more children fell from their Bumbo seats, and 21 of them suffered fractured skulls. While most of those babies' Bumbo seats had been placed on elevated surfaces, some were hurt when seats were placed on the floor, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Bumbo have cautioned buyers not to use the product again until they have been fitted with a free repair kit, which includes a restraint belt they can install, a further warning sticker and safe-use instructions.

The Bumbo seats are designed to allow babies to sit up before they are able to do so on their own. The new fitting of a safety strap represents a major change for the manufacturer, who previously marketed the Bumbo seats as having "no uncomfortable straps or bracing clips."

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