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Leigh Day & Co welcomes findings of Sir William Gage

Calls for justice after damning public inquiry into death of Baha Mousa

Baha Mousa and his family

8 September 2011

Sir William Gage, the chairman of a year-long public inquiry into the death of 26 year old hotel worker Basa Mousa whilst in the custody of British soldiers and the treatment of those detained with him, has blamed "corporate failure" at the Ministry of Defence for the use of banned interrogation methods in Iraq and an "appalling episode of serious gratuitous violence" in what the inquiry called a "very serious breach of discipline" by UK soldiers for the death of Mr Mousa.

Sapna Malik, partner at Leigh Day & Co, who is representing Mr Mousa’s family together with Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers, responded to the findings, she said: :

“Sir William has found that the serious assaults ‘were not perpetrated by just one or two rogue individuals’, but names 19 individual soldiers, including three senior non commissioned officers.

“Those 19 names have to be seen as part of a much wider group of soldiers, who Sir William found must have been aware that violence was afoot, but did nothing to stop it.

"In light of the cogent and seriousfindings we now expect that the military and civilian prosecuting authorities of this country will act to ensure that justice is done."

Seven soldiers faced allegations relating to the mistreatment of the detainees at a court martial in 2006-07, but only one was found guilty , on his own admission.
Sir William was also highly critical of the Ministry of Defence for systemic failings, which led to unlawful interrogation techniques being used as standing operating procedure in Iraq and which he directly implicated in the death of Baha Mousa.

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