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Maria Panteli secures compensation for woman sexually abused by her social worker

Social worker preyed on vulnerable client

Social worker abused female client

21 November 2011

Leigh Day solicitor Maria Panteli has secured a sum of compensation for her client who was physically, emotionally and sexually abused by her social worker over a period of nine months.

Maria has represented a number of vulnerable people who have been abused by people in positions of authority, including health care professionals.  In this case Maria obtained compensation for her client, X, who was abused by her social worker, including rape.  As a result of this abuse X suffered a deterioration in her condition and a delay to her recovery from alcohol dependency.  Following the suspension and investigation into the social worker X was obliged to give evidence, an experience she found highly distressing. In the weeks leading up to the hearing, she suffered from severe insomnia, episodic panic and her mind was preoccupied with morbid themes of disclosure, shame, disgrace and humiliation.  During the conduct hearing of the social worker it emerged that he had abused another female client in his care. 

The abuse suffered by this vulnerable client by a professional who was involved in her care and treatment left her traumatised and depressed.  Maria was able to secure a sum of £30,000 by way of compensation from the relevant Council and NHS Trust for failing in their duty of care towards X.  The social worker has since been removed from the register.

If you would like to speak to Maria please contact her on 020 7650 1200 or by email for a confidential response to your query.

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