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Leigh Day & Co chosen as approved lawyers for brain injury charity

Leigh Day joins legal panel of UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum

Photo of ct scan: istock

1 August 2011

Leigh Day & Co has secured a place on the approved lawyers list for the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF), a charity organisation dedicated to promoting understanding into all aspects of acquired brain injury.

Acquired brain injury

Acquired brain injury is defined as a non-degenerative injury to the brain which has occurred since birth. Caused either by an external physical force or by disease, the term includes traumatic brain injuries, such as head injuries caused by a road traffic collision, accident at work or medical negligence, as well as non-traumatic injuries from strokes, disease and poisoning.

According to the latest figures from the Department of Health around 8,000 people of working age are hospitalised in London with a traumatic brain injury each year and there are approximately 55,000 people of working age living with the long-term effects of brain injury in London.

Considered leaders in their field, the personal injury team at Leigh Day & Co deal with some of the most complex cases resulting from brain injury in the capital and across the UK. The latest edition of the legal sector’s independent directory, the Legal 500, rated the firm in the first tier for its work, quoting a willingness to ‘take on complex cases which others can’t or don’t want to deal with’.

The team successfully tendered for approved lawyer status with UKABIF following their high profile compensation claims on behalf of their clients, providing support for victims of brain injury who in very severe cases can require constant care for the rest of their lives.

Christine Tallon, senior solicitor in the Leigh Day & Co team, said:

“We are extremely pleased to be recognised by the UKABIF who do so much work in raising the issues surrounding this type of injury and the devastating consequences often resulting from it. Having worked with countless families whose lives have been changed through head injury we aim to bring our specialist knowledge to this highly complex area of the law .”

Chloë Hayward, Executive Director of UKABIF, said, "UKABIF believes that it is very important for people with acquired brain injury to have access to good quality legal advice and has therefore produced a list of lawyers who are familiar with and experienced in the management of people with severe acquired brain injury. We are very pleased that Leigh Day & Co are part of this list and meet the criteria that we stipulate for inclusion."

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

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