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Orthopaedic negligence claims

The most common problems that might lead to a successful orthopaedic claim would include the failure to diagnose, manage and treat a fracture.   A particular complication of a fractured limb is a condition known as Compartment Syndrome - which is a surgical emergency that can lead to the death of tissue and limb loss.  More complicated problems might involve the management of shoulder injuries, misdiagnosed slipped femoral epiphysis, poorly managed hip replacements or knee operations - all of which we have dealt with in the past.

Some orthopaedic surgeons have a spinal surgery specialism and sadly if such an operation were to have a poor outcome there is potential for a significant injury and therefore a valuable claim which would reflect the degree of disability and dependence.

Sometimes, the end result has been an amputation of a limb so that our clients become users of prosthetic limbs.  For a person who has enjoyed sport this loss will be devastating.  However, modern prosthetics now offer active people a solution and we will ensure that our clients have had the best advice from rehabilitation and prosthetics specialists in coming to a valuation of their claims.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.