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Leigh Day Next equal pay claim

Who can join the claim?

Any Sales Consultants, Stockroom Assistants or Team Leaders who are paid by the hour and currently work at a Next store in England, Scotland or Wales or left within the last 6 months.  
Both men and women can join. 
To find out more information about how you can join the Next claim visit our dedicated Equal Pay Now site.

What is the Next equal pay claim about?

Hundreds of Next shop workers are bringing a claim against the retailer after it was revealed that the mainly female (86%) store workforce, on minimum wage, have been paid substantially less per hour than Next warehouse workers. Their average salary loss is more than £6,000.  
Next argue that the higher salary of its warehouse workers is justified because the work carried out by those workers is said to be more demanding than that of those working in the stores. The shop workers are arguing that their work comes with the same physical and mental demands.  
If the shop workers win their claim, Next will need to update its salary policy to ensure it adheres to the Equality Act 2010. The Next staff in the claim will also be entitled to up to 6 years backpay.
Ready to talk? Speak to one of our Next equal pay teams about your claim. Call 0800 689 4548 or email nextequalpay@leighday.co.uk

What happens if we win the claim?

If the shop workers are successful in the Employment Tribunal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Next will immediately grant store workers equal pay and award compensation. Instead, they could appeal the Tribunal’s decision in which case the claim will then be brought to the Employment Appeal Tribunal. 

Next can also appeal the decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal. If they do, the claim will then be brought to the Court of Appeal. After that, Next will have one last chance of defending itself in the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court decide that Next are in breach of the Equality Act 2010, the retailer will be required by law to compensate the store workers in the claim. 

Only the Next shop workers who join the claim will be entitled to receive compensation from the Tribunal. Those who do join the claim could receive up to 6 years of back pay. 

You can join the claim via our online Next claim form here...

How much will it cost me?

Leigh Day is running this claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis (called a ‘DBA’). Under the DBA, you will only have to pay legal fees if the claim wins. 

You can find out more about fees and costs on our dedicated Equal Pay Now website.

What will happen if Next find out I joined the claim?

It is unlawful for Next to sack you or discriminate against you for joining Equal Pay Now. 

If you have any concerns about this, you can call 0203 7800 479 and speak to our team in confidence, or email nextequalpay@leighday.co.uk

Why chose Leigh Day?

Leigh Day is an award-winning law firm who specialise in bringing equal pay claims against large employers such as Next. We believe that people carrying out work of equal value deserve equal pay.
Our specialist employment solicitors have already helped over 4,500 employees win an equal pay claim against Birmingham City Council. We’re currently helping over 45,000 Supermarket and High street shop workers claim for equal pay.

The Next Equal Pay Claim is being led by specialist employment and discrimination barrister, Elizabeth George:

Elizabeth was a solicitor before transferring to the bar in 2005, qualifying as a barrister at Cloisters Chambers. She is currently working as employed counsel for Leigh Day on a national group equal pay claim against the retailer, Next.     
She has substantial experience of conducting complex, high value and high-profile employmentdiscrimination and trade union law claims across all sectors. Elizabeth’s team won the prestigious Employment Law Team of the Year 2015 at The Lawyer Awards. 
She was Times Lawyer of the Week, after securing a significant win against the MOD on behalf of a senior officer.

She is passionate about fair employment practices, Employment Tribunal reform and access to justice.

Elizabeth is an experienced speaker and trainer, providing training for various organisations including, all the major trade unions, the Equality & Human Rights Commission, TUC, ACAS, MIND, Law Centres Network, and NACAB.  

Ready to join the claim? To find out more information about the claim and how you can join, visit our dedicated Equal Pay Now site here. Sign up is quick and simple. 
If you would like to speak to a member of our Next Equal Pay team, please call 0800 689 4548 or email us at nextequalpay@leighday.co.uk

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