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Morrisons Equal Pay Claims

Who is this page for?

If you have worked at a Morrisons store in England, Wales or Scotland in the last six years, and you are or were paid on an hourly basis then this page is for you.  

To find out more about other supermarket equal pay claims that we are running visit our equal pay claims page.

What is equal pay?

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission says that equal pay ‘means that men and women in the same employment performing equal work must receive equal pay, as set out in the Equality Act 2010.’ 

What is the Morrisons equal pay claim about?

The claim being brought against WM Morrisons Supermarket PLC is about whether the jobs of store workers and warehouse workers are of equal value. It will be up to the court to decide whether they are comparable jobs. If successful, thousands of Morrison store workers will be granted pay that is equal to their counterparts in the distribution centres.

If you work or have worked in the last six months in a Morrisons store on an hourly rate, you may not have received equal pay compared to your colleagues who work in the distribution centre, and you may have a claim in the Employment Tribunal. Both female and male store workers can make a claim.  

If your claim is successful you might be able to claim up to six years’ back pay.

If your employment with Morrisons ended more than six months ago, but you have worked in their store within the last six years on an hourly rate, you may be able to bring an equal pay claim against Morrisons in the civil courts in England and Wales.

Ready to talk? Speak to one of our Morrisons equal pay team about your claim. Call 020 3780 0410 or email morrisonsequalpay@leighday.co.uk.

How much will it cost me?

You can find out more about the claim on our dedicated Equal Pay Now website.

You can join the Morrisons equal pay claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis which means that you will not have to pay our costs if you do not win your case, provided you keep to the terms of the agreement (we are happy to explain this to you).

How far has the case got?

The legal team has submitted claims to the Employment Tribunal for hundreds of Morrisons shop workers and have had positive hearings to progress the claims.  

Will I be punished if I join the claim?

There are strong victimisation laws that protect workers from being treated badly by employers (including their employees e.g. supervisors/managers) for bringing an equal pay claim.
If you have any concerns about this, you can call 020 3780 0410 and speak to our team in confidence, or email morrisonsequalpay@leighday.co.uk

Why chose Leigh Day?

The equal pay team at Leigh Day has been recognised by the two main legal directories, the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners as being established leaders in this field. Chambers 2020 described the team as ‘a market-leading employment team noted for its capabilities in representing group claimants.’ The firm successfully represented thousands of local authority workers in a claim against Birmingham City Council1 and has earned its reputation as a firm that takes on ‘David and Goliath’ cases.

Partner Emma Satyamurti has more than 15 years’ experience as an employment lawyer and is a specialist in equal pay claims.
"She's extremely astute, on the ball and well respected in the area." As well as advising on discrimination, she regularly assists claimants with whistle-blowing actions. - Chambers and Partners
Employers must treat their male and female employees equally if they are employed to do equal work.
“We believe that Morrisons, as with the other major supermarkets, has underpaid those working in its stores for a number of years.  The big four supermarkets in the UK make vast amounts each year in profits – it is time that they faced up to their legal obligations under Equal Pay legislation.  
“Our clients believe that those working on the shop floor should be paid the same as those in the distribution centres, and a failure to commit to this is not only unfair but unlawful.
“This legal action is being taken forward to ensure that the work done in stores and distribution centres is recognised as being of equal value; not the same work, but work of equal value and that those working on the shop floor should be paid the same as their colleagues in distribution.” – Emma Satyamurti.

Ready to talk? Speak to one of our Morrisons equal pay team about your claim. Call 020 3780 0410 or email morrisonsequalpay@leighday.co.uk.

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