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Harassment claims

Our expert team of employment lawyers represent clients who have been subjected to bullying and harassment at work. Such treatment may be a breach of an employer’s duties of trust and confidence to its staff. Where the harassment relates to a particular characteristic, including age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, then it may also be discriminatory.

Our specialist team of human rights lawyers also represent clients who have been subjected to unlawful harassment by service providers, such as hospitals, banks, local authorities, education authorities, transport providers, housing associations, prisons and other public and private organisations.

Examples of harassment include:
  • Racist, sexist or homophobic jokes,
  • Imitating or making fun of a person's disability,
  • Anti-religious comments or jokes about a religion,

We regularly act for clients who have suffered harassment and are looking to secure compensation from an employer or a service provider. We also help advise clients who are seeking an apology or to ensure that harassment does not occur again.

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