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Your legal rights to vote

Here at Leigh Day we are concerned that during the referendum on 23rd June, many people with disabilities may face obstacles which prevent them exercising their democratic right to vote, effectively disenfranchising them.

In order to help voters with disabilities to understand their legal rights, we have produced a short guide setting out the duties and obligations of local authorities, and Presiding Officers.

Leigh Day will also be running a help line in the run up to, during, and after the referendum to offer legal advice in relation to any problems voters may have.

image displaying a polling station with stairs at the entrance, image links to your legal right to vote guide

Full details about your rights are available in our voting guide. A number of different formats are available on the right hand side of this screen. 

If you have any queries yourself, or know of individuals who need legal help on this important issue, please contact Leigh Day’s human rights and discrimination team on free phone 0800 689 3289.

Kate Egerton & Anna Moore
Human rights solicitors

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