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Transport Discrimination Claims FAQs

Q.  What types of complaints are covered

A. It must be related to discrimination in the provision of transport services. This may include:

  • trains 
  • buses
  • taxis 
  • trams
  • coaches
  • booking and communications
  • access to transport facilities

Q.  What types of complaint are not covered?

A.  Anything that is not disability discrimination and/or that happened more than six months ago. Additionally the following are not covered:

  • air travel
  • boats or ferries
  • roads, road layout or pavements

Q.  Will you take on my case if the Equality and Human Rights Commission will not provide funding?

A.  We are only able to assist you if your case receives funding from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. 

Q.   When will you contact me?

A.  We may only contact you once any request for funding has been processed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. This is a new service and we are not sure how long it will take them to process any request that we may make on your behalf.

Q.  Will you issue a claim for me?

A.  We will only issue a claim, on your behalf, if we are funded to do so by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Until we have confirmed that we are able to do so it remains your responsibility to issue any claim that you may have within any relevant time limits. 

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