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Addison Lee claims

Leigh Day brought claims on behalf of three Addison Lee drivers.  In September 2017, the Employment Tribunal ruled that the drivers were workers and, as such, were entitled to holiday pay and to receive the national minimum wage.  

Addison Lee currently classifies its drivers as self-employed contractors. However, the drivers who brought the claim and GMB, who supported the claim, argued that the high level of control to which drivers are subject and their integration into Addison Lee’s workforce meant that they were actually workers for the purposes of employment law rather than self-employed contractors.  The Tribunal agreed with these arguments.

Some factors which supported the finding by the Tribunal were Addison Lee’s rigorous recruitment process, training to a high level, drivers working six day weeks and long hours, vehicles with Addison Lee’s conspicuous branding (which had to be rented from Addison Lee), and strict standards regarding dress codes and how the drivers carried out their job.

While this judgment applies to the three drivers who brought the claims, the working arrangements for all Addison Lee drivers are broadly similar and therefore we consider that all Addison Lee drivers should be entitled to the following:
  • Back pay for unpaid holiday pay for up to two years;
  • Compensation if they have received less than the National Minimum Wage;
  • Paid holiday in future if they still work for Addison Lee; and
  • The right to receive at least the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage.  

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