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Hip claim - John Bannister's story

From the time I first went to Leigh Day about two years ago they’ve been absolutely A1 and first class. – Client John Bannister
I’m John Bannister aged 82, I’ve lived in Brecon for a few years, I’ve got one daughter and I still work as a cricket commentator. The whole of my life has been with cricket; I played for Warwickshire for 20 years, and from the 80’s and 90’s and into the last ten years I’ve been working on radio and television. I’ve always been an active man, and I’ve travelled the world, having covered all the cricket-playing countries from the West Indies to Australia, and I’ve been able to go on holidays abroad. I worked in the gym a lot, and until the hip operation took place I was thoroughly active.

My left hip first started to trouble me about eight years ago in 2005, and I put up with it for a couple of years but eventually went to see a consultant, who advised surgery. I had my first operation in 2007 and for two years everything was as right as rain; no stick or crutch, I could even go back to the gym. Then in the early part of 2010 I began to develop a swelling around the left hip, so I went back to see the doctor who recommended I go straight back to the surgeon. As soon as he saw it he said that I would almost certainly need a second operation – he said that he’d done 52 of these operations, and I was one of 27 showing exactly the same symptoms.

I had a second operation three years ago, and post-surgery I lost all mobility in the hip; it was completely flat with no muscle there whatsoever. As a result I lost a lot of muscular development in my legs. I couldn’t stand up without a crutch or a stick and as a result mobility was virtually non-existent; I could walk very slowly and not nearly as far as I used to be able to.

I was advised by some friends, one of whom is in the legal profession, that there was a case for someone to answer, so I went to the Professional Cricketers’ Association and their solicitor told me he knew the best firm to deal with this sort of case was Leigh Day. What was at stake for me was the quality of life; the things which I could no longer do that I had been doing all my life.

Regarding my work, which is broadcasting on cricket, I can no longer travel to the games, and this has resulted in my not being able to talk to the players and coaches or go to press conferences, meaning that I am not always fully aware of everything that is going on. I can only work from home. I have a daughter who lives 65 miles away in Kidderminster, and I used to go to see her at least once a month. Now I haven’t been able to get up there for 18 months because I can’t drive for more than 20 minutes.

Regarding Leigh Day, from the time I first went to them about two years ago they’ve been absolutely A1 and first class. They’ve kept me informed all the time about everything which is going on. Every question I’ve had they’ve answered, and I couldn’t recommend a better firm. What perturbs me about the company that produced these hip-replacements withdrew them in Britain 12 months after other parts of the world. This doesn’t reflect well on them, and to stop this happening to other people, it’s important we take group action.

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