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 Brain injury after a RTA - Ben's story

It was a big plus having Harminder come on board, she became one of the family and understood what we were going through. – Ben's dad, Richard

Karen and Richard's 17 year old son Ben was travelling in his friend's car from a holiday in Majorca. His friend fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a tree along the M5 Motorway in Gloucestershire.

Ben sustained a life threatening traumatic brain injury in the form of subarachnoid haemorrhage together with diffuse axonal damage. His Glasgow Coma Score reading at 3 was the lowest compatible with life when he arrived by helicopter at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxfordshire.

Ben was left with significant deficits found in brain injured clients, one of which was a very noticeable ataxia (clumsiness) and a tremor in his left arm and hand. He bravely underwent Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery ("DBS") in an attempt to improve this.

DBS Surgery is used to treat a variety of disabling neurological symptoms most commonly associated with Parkinson's Disease, such as tremor, rigidity and walking problems.

The surgical procedure is only used for patients whose symptoms cannot be adequately controlled with medication.

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