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Public funding - legal aid

Public funding, previously known as legal aid, is still available for some legal actions such as clinical negligence, but public funding is not usually available for personal injury claims. The public funding scheme is run by the Legal Services Commission (LSC).

If you are granted public funding it changes the normal costs rules so that if you lose you are not expected to pay your opponent’s costs. The LSC will also pay us for some of our work, but at a reduced rate, and pay for your expenses, such as experts’ fees, so you do not have to pay those.
As a firm franchised by the Legal Services Commission we can apply for public funding for you if you are eligible and if there is no other more suitable form of funding available.
The LSC will assess the merits of your case and whether you are financially eligible. They will only grant public funding if they believe the case is worth investigating and that the amount of compensation will exceed the legal costs. If you have suffered a brain or spinal injury given the seriousness of your injury the LSC will usually grant public funding, if you are financially eligible.

Public funding is only available to clients with a limited amount of money, usually those on benefits or children without their own income.   The financial eligibility limits change but the up to date figures can be found on the LSC website (www.legalservices.gov.uk), which also has a financial eligibility calculator you can use to work out if you are likely to be financially eligible. We can advise you about this.
If you are only just eligible you may be required to pay a monthly amount to the LSC on account for the work being done on your behalf. Should the LSC ask you to make such contribution we will advise you on the amount you are likely to have to pay and whether public funding is the best form of funding for you.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.