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Tips for before you venture onto the ski slopes

Ensure you have taken out adequate holiday insurance

Make sure that this includes cover for winter sports as not all policies do. Not checking whether your insurance covers winter sports can lead to all kinds of problems if emergency medical care, repatriation home or legal assistance is needed while abroad.

Read the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure you’re fully covered. Some insurers insist skiers wear a helmet when on the slopes.

Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings

Keep an eye out for signs and markings and ensure you follow them. These are in place for your safety and should always be obeyed.

Ensure your mobile phone is on your person and fully charged

Make sure you always have access to communication, whether a mobile or a radio 'walkie talkie', however, don't rely solely on your phone for guidance, always take a paper resort map with you.

Keep a copy of your travel insurance policy with you

It’s also advisable to carry your EHIC card and a note with the name of the hotel you’re staying at and your emergency contact information, just in case.

Dress appropriately

Your clothing protects you from the elements and impact of a crash. It should fit correctly so it’s comfortable and provides the protection you need. Layering is also a good idea and allows you to add or remove items as the temperature changes.

If renting ski equipment, make sure your boots and helmet fit

If you’re a beginner, the staff in the rental shop will be able to select the most suitable skis for your size and ability. Once you have these, the in-store team will calculate the correct ‘DIN’ settings for your ski bindings before adjusting them.

It’s vital you provide accurate information when asked to supply your weight, boot length, ability level and age.

Be sensible and know your own capabilities

Ski resorts categorise the slopes based on people’s experience, so always be sensible and know your limits.

This means never going on a slope that is beyond your skill-level.
Learning to ski is about taking it gradually, never putting yourself at risk or endangering others.
Always use an official ski school and don’t over-estimate your ability.

Rules of conduct on the slopes

Before you go, it’s essential that you familiarise yourself with the rules of the slope, such as who has right of way.

The rules for conduct  for skiers are provided by the International Ski Federation

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